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When and how did everyone start into hookah, whom was the influence

K guys, i got a challenge for you, do you remember how and where u got started into hookah?? For some it hasnt been that long of a time, others its been years and still can remember it like yesterday.... Let me hear all the stories about how this great tradition got passed on into your lifestyle.

I know me personally it hasnt been that long.... but its still one hell of a a time since then. To all whom dont know, ill start off, i was 2 years ago(yup thats right just 2 short years ago) i was hanging out with my buddies just sittin by the campfire on some night during that summer in june, he had his hookah out, i stopped and sat down to chill like ususal. He introduced me to the hookah and im like uhhhh wtf was that. So i tryed it and like it was amazing, just sitting there till the late hours of the morning and relaxin. It was a good time and one not to forget.

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Going on 3 years. My wallet was my influence. I started for business now I do it all the freaking time. lol
9 years ago. Started off as a routine after hockey, then became something to do when there was no hockey, now just something we do.

The ducks in the bathtub are not mine.
Smoked hookah a few times overseas never put any thought into getting one untill i saw a vid on the net so i ordered my first hookah about a month ago.
I'll just say I have an addictive personality, and I've tried hookah...
i watched a video of a smoke bubble made by a hookah on youtube about a year ago, so i decided to check out how it worked what it was and shit and after a week or so i forgot about it. some months passed until my girlfriend said she went to a hookah bar with her friends then i said i wanted a hookah. later on for christmas she got me my first hookah with some romman tobacco and i think the first flavor i ever smoked was lemon.. or was it watermelon? damn it i cant remember but yea thats how i got started into hookah.
About a year ago I was visiting some friends that live about 2 hours away, we all sat around in his dirty house smoking his hookah. It was a good combination with a good first hookah experience and catching up with old friends. Smoked often ever since...
Started only 6 months ago. I was at a friends party and she set up a really low quality hookah set up, but even with the ashy smoke and the weak apple I fell in love with hookah. Ever since I have smoked almost every day.
First time I tried it was when I was about 12, it was double apple. My dad has been smoking hookah for quite a long time and he introduced me into it. I officially started smoking when i was about 13-14.
Well I think I started when I was 14, I was a really good mate who was Syrian and when I went to his house all his family was smoking a sheesha. They were a pretty bad influence but its all good.
My buddies and I went to our local lounge a lot when I was a freshman in college. Eventually one of them bought one. I started when I realized I could get Al Fakher (the only shisha they sell) for half the price online. I figured it would pay for itself pretty quick...and it has...except I keep buying hookahs...
I first smoked Hookah when I was away in Palestine playing a Jazz gig with my band "The Brasshoppers".  We'd had an afternoon out to see all the sights of Bethlehem and on the way back some of the people from the festival we were playing at suggested we stop at a hookah bar.  That was back about 1996 and I never smoked again untill early 2011 when I bought my first "pumpkin" hookah.....I now (6 months later) have 6 hookahs & smoke most days!  I would have started smoking at home in the UK earlier, but it seemed that Hookah supplies were not that easily available untill I found ShishaBuzz.com who provide me with an excelent service.
Started about a good year ago on and off at a local hookah bar.  First time I have ever seen a hookah.  Haven't been real "hardcore" about it until about a month ago.  Got my own hookah ordered last week, got a vortex bowl and two Al Waha flavors coming in tomorrow... And the journey begins! lol

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