Hey guys I just got a new vortex bowl and I'm having trouble getting nice sized clouds any suggestions?

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well depends on what your smoking out of it and what kind of coals your using and how many...

if your using quicklights, most of them you have to break up and stagger them around the edges, which helps a lot, and make sure when you pack the shisha in, you sprinkle it in and dont push down on it very hard, aslo make sure it is filled almost to the very top of the rim, leaving only enough room for the tinfoil to avoid touching the shisha.

i use vortex bowls a lot and have always gotten some nice clouds with, especially with starbuzz and fantasia
All right thanks I'm using Al- Waha so I will keep that in mind
al waha doesn't have that good of clouds to begin with, so if your looking for some serious clouds go with a premium shisha

Carlton said:
All right thanks I'm using Al- Waha so I will keep that in mind
Ok you got any suggestions , starbuzz, fusion shit like that
starbuzz, fantasia, tangiers... they pretty much complete about everything that i buy anymore, the first two are amazing for clouds, fantasia can be a bitch to get going, especially with Quickights, but once it gets going its amazing, and starbuzz well you cant go wrong with them, and as far as tangiers go, they are all around amazing... especially the orange soda flavor, but beware it will give you an ass kicking buzz if you buy the OG or Noir Lines
Put it this way. there are four tiny baby holes for smoke to get through. it is all about packing, amount of coals, and holes with smoke size. If you want big ass clouds you will need those three essentials AND you will have to have a big gauged hookah. KM or anything like that will work amazing. But i get decent size clouds with the vortex. But if you want clouds and an all around better bowl get a phunnel bowl!
Get the right drill bit like one for tile and carefully drill the hole larger and you will be amazed how much better it works. I purchased 3 vortex bowls and on two of them one or more holes were not punched out all the way and the glaze they use was sealed over a hole or two so while I was drilling the holes open I decided to make them all about 50% larger and now they smoke amazing. I did it to all my Vortex bowls and now its like smoking a phunnel bowl almost and they don't clog anymore...Just pack the shisha lose and blow through the bottom of the bowl after you put on the foil and punch your holes and use 2-3 coals and you're good.
I agree but since the Vortex used to be my go to bowl I figured I might as well make them smoke well. I now have 2 Chinese large phunnels, 1 Med. Tangiers 1 small Tangiers and 3 Alien mini phunnels and they are great I don't use the Chinese ones that often because I don't think they get hot enough and it's just too big but with Nakhla which I pay $5 for I dont mind filling them up. I have about 8 Vortex bowls plus mods, Egyptians and ceramic bowls, I don't know where they all came from but over the years they accumulated. Since the guy wanted to know how to get clouds I told him how to pack it and how many coals, If he drills the holes bigger that's up to him, I wouldn't go through the trouble because you can get great clouds without doing anything to a Vortex, but if you did what I said you would get even better. Honestly Carlton check the hookah for leaks, put your palm over the stem hole and suck it you shouldn't get air after that it's all packing and heat management.

Metalhead Hookah said:
Vortex bowls aren't worth the work that goes into making them smoke right just get a phunnel bowl
Hey nick thanks for the tips just packed like you said and the clouds from the fusion shisha were epic thanks everyone for your advice gotta love this site so many people willing to help thank you all.
No problem, great man. I'm going to write this reply for anyone kind of new to this hobby, maybe it will help someone out. I don't know what coals your using but wait until you try some Starbuzz, talk about huge clouds. Put three coals on the vortex and leave them in that spot the entire time, in a triangle shape. When they're done do another three in the three unused spots, so the opposite triangle. blow the bowl out between sets if you want and if there's ever a problem just mark where your coals where with a tooth pick in one hole or something and just keep it packed loose. After two stets of 3 coals you're probably done because again it's not packed so you are going through it all the way but you can always pull the stuff at the top and stir it up and if there's anything good left you may go another round. Also use the wind cover, it's there to help with the heat. when you start the bowl keep it on for 3 minutes then hit it and then take it off when you think it's going to get harsh and purge and keep going. and at the end put it on and occasionally ash and flip the coals, maybe 2-3x per set of coals. You're just getting started and a good hose is also an amazing help too. I take my mini Mya and do just what I said with a Nammor hose or a KM hose and a Vortex and it gets clouds just like my large KM's, no joke.

Carlton said:
Hey nick thanks for the tips just packed like you said and the clouds from the fusion shisha were epic thanks everyone for your advice gotta love this site so many people willing to help thank you all.

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