The smell jumps out of the tin right at you as soon as you open this one up!  The first thing I detected was Lime, followed quickly by Pinapple.... then a host of other tropical fruits..!!  The cut is your standard Starbuzz cut...nice and moist, and not many stems.  I've just loaded some into my Vortex bowl & placed it on my 27" Brass stem Egyptian Hookah, difuser fitted, water & ice in the Lead Chrystal vase, Namoor hose, 2x Cocobrico coals & wind cover. First impressions:  takes a little longer to heat up & produce good thick smoke than other Starbuzz flavours I've had, but once it's going.... oh man!!!!  The taste is just like putting a WHOLE PACKET of Bassets Wine Gums in your mouth at once... It's just a HUGE burst of every exotic fruit flavour you can possibly imagine!  If you like Citrus fruits & Pineapple then THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!!!  I got it a few days back but decided I'd save it for today... My Birthday... to try it.... being honest, I can't see this 250g tin lasting very long.... I'll be smoking this one regular!

Overall Ratings:  Clouds- 10/10  Taste- 10/10   I can't recomend this too highly... IT'S A MUST HAVE FOR ANYONE WHO LIKES FRUIT FLAVOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Purple Haze is bombbbbb!

PhoenixtheHybrid said:
Oh wow that sounds heavenly :D. I'll have to add these ones to my list when I can start smoking again. Right now I'm dirt poor. I'm even runnin out of coals so yeah. But you know what you should try? get yourself some fantasia purple haze. OMG you will be in a whole new world like Aladdin!
Getting my first can as soon as the money comes in! Thanks for this awesome review! The one I can't get enough of is Starbuzz's Pink Lady. It's...strange, like a spicy fruity. I'd recommend that one. All the men that saw it were like, "Um, we have penises, but thanks anyway." It smells girly but it's delicious :D

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