Okay, so I found what I thought was an awesome hookah site called www.hookah-shisha.com.  They have good pricing and a huge selection of shisha and coals.  My hose was falling apart, so I decided to take a plunge and by a Nammor hose from this site, hearing great things like, "They're excellent...when they don't fall apart!" I blindly dove in, spending $25+ on what I thought was a good investment. It most certainly was *not*. Today I got my 3rd--my THIRD--hose from that site, and as soon as I get it out of the box...it breaks. Yeah, breaks right out the gate. So, can anyone please, please tell me of a hose worth buying? And from a good site??

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yea of course,

If your going for a washable hose I'd really recommend the narbish or the khalil mamoon washables. they're MUCH sturdier than the nammor, which i thought was the jam when i first started out as well but realized that its a pretty flimsy hose compared with other hoses now on the market

u can get the narbish from hookahjohn: http://hookahjohn.com/Narbish-Washable-Hookah-Hose-V4-10012.htm

and the KM washables from Hookah Company (which is now owned by Hookah-Shisha but the hose is still good): http://www.hookahcompany.com/braided_washable_khalil_mamoon_hose_59...

you can get a washable km from hookah-shisha as well

 - Big T

Thank you so much for your input guys! I will check out both of those hoses, Dan. Big T, I don't think I will ever buy another hose from those people. The only thing I may continue to buy from them are coals and shisha, since they have excellent products for those. The hookah that came with my order was freakin' terrible, and the hoses left a lot to be desired. But than you both sooo much! My next payday I hope to get a couple of new ones to try out :D

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