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Hello everyone, im pretty new to this smoking hookah thing. (This is my first post on the forum)


Heres a short story, I live in Norway, And went to a small trip to sweden. There were only one hookah there in the entire mall so I bought it. I bought some al-fakheer tobacco and the coal arrived in my mailbox 2 days later.


Now the thing is, Ive seen many videos on how to prepare this pipe. My first attempt was not very successful, It was so strong i coughed every time i blew the smoke out (Exhale). 

But that was my own fault, I was very anxious to get started and the mistakes were:


-Too big holes, and to many.

-Too much tobacco, and the foil burned it.

-Maybe too much water. 


The second attempt was more successful but i DID NOT get much smoke!

This time i was more relaxed and did not rush into the steps. 


-There was 1cm of water over the pipe in the "base"

-There was tobacco at least half an centimeter under the foil.

-I used double layer of foil so it wouldnt get burned the harsh way again.

-The water was ice cold

-The coal was very much heated up.


I went to a trip to Poland last summer (Was actually the first time i tried it) And there was this cafe where people could chillax and buy beer and talk, And taste hookah. And the hookah was not very much bigger than mine but still produced great amount of thick nice smoke!


Now I need hints on how to get THICK, and ALOT of smoke from my hookah.

Watch this guy on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCQ1eOlwGXU

He has a little smaller hookah than me but still gets nice thick smoke to play with. UNFAIR!


Tell me what should I do? What did I do wrong? Did I not pack the sisha right in the bowl?

Everything is greatly sealed, theres not leaks I checked, the design is by the base theres an rubber-gasket so its really easy to set-up and its pretty well sealed!


Heres my hookah and the other stuff ;)






I emailed an specialist here in Norway that sells these hooka`s and he claimed that a small is a good as a big one, but it depends on how its prepared, but he mentioned that ofc a bigger is cooler.

Now please help me, I would be so grateful. These two times was not a good experience for me.

I wanna have a good time.


Thanks, Alexander.

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All I can say is practice. I couldn't pack a competent bowl for about half a year. The best thing to do is watch videos online about how to prepare hookah and getting the packing method down. The best bowls I've packed were a little under the rim, and if you suck air through the bottom of the bowl with your mouth (and it has GOOD airflow) it means there's not too little tobacco, and not too much to let air through. With the size of your bowl, I'd recommend no more than one coal and not too many holes in the foil. Getting the hole pattern down takes some figuring out with every different hookah I've used.. Anyway, hope some of this helps!  I wish you the best of luck getting your hookah going good!


Exactly, just experiment...but also be careful not to change a bunch of things at once, otherwise you won't know what works and/or what changes your smoking experience.


You mentioned air leaks, and that you checked your rig and it doesn't leak. Schweet. Still, check for a damaged hose and make sure the hose doesn't leak either.


About the only time I've had the water level make a difference is when it's been too high, and bubbles enter the hose or just don't allow any room in the bowl for the smoke. Sounds like yours was a bit low the second time, but that shouldn't cause a lack of smoke.


About the hardest thing to master, and the biggest impact, is hole size and placement, and the amount and placement of your coals. It's better to poke too little holes than too many; you can always poke more. If your smoke is too harsh, try moving the coals more toward the edge of the bowl and/or taking one off...and if your smoke is too thin, do the opposite and/or rotate the coals to new positions.

Sometimes it takes a while to get the hang of it, and some bowls just don't work out, but when you get it right, you'll know it for sure! Just go slowly, don't change a bunch of things at once, and be consistent with the things that DO work. Enjoy!

Hey man...I'm coming to Haugesund on 9th August to play in the Jazz Festival.  How is Hookah viewed by the authorities in Norway?  I'm thinking I may bring a Hookah with me!!??

Shouldnt be a problem? I know many friends of mine that has brought their Hookah from vacation to Norway, and besides theres a shop in Oslo called Shangri-La that sells these, So its not a problem. What I dont know is the Fruity-Tobacco.. Its not legal to sell here in Norway so that may ruin the thing about bringing your hookah here.


Ofc you can try ;) They wont take your hookah away from you, but the fruity tobacco may be confiscated.


Edit: Ive read on some Norwegian forums, and many users have said that customs did not give them a hard time when they brought their hookah here, Neither the tobacco. So I Guess your good to go! Happy Vaping!

First of all, the guy on the youtube video you linked smokes "Tangiers" which differs alot from other regular tobacco brands like Al Fakher, Nakhla or Starbuzz.

Tangiers is known for giving alot of smoke and good taste BUT many have problems packing it since this tobacco needs to be packed in a different way.

Second, he uses coconut milk in the base which is also known to leave thicker smoke.

So if you see some guy at youtube packing Tangiers, dont do the same with your regular tobacco.


Mix your tobacco around before using it, then put it in your bowl lightly, dont pack it too hard! you want as much tobacco you can fit but dont overdo it.

As for the holes, the more and the bigger holes you have the more airflow you get through the bowl, but you dont want more airflow in your bowl than your hose can give you.

The hole size isnt too hard to figure out, I use a paperclip that I've bent straight and made it sharp at the tip, works good for me.

I would start off with 2 coals if its too harsh then remove one of them, remember to keep them on the edges of the bowl to spread out your heat (only if you have 2 coals or more, if you only have 1 then keep it in the middle at all time)


Good luck!


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