That`s right I am not even in retail anymore and I am the 1 saying it. They cried and even threatened us for undercutting prices but I was on a site and read this: " has been given been given this roll as a Mya Authorized Dealer by offering factory direct pricing that can not be match in the marketplace."

 Are you fucking kidding me. 2 years ago they stole a web site from us that promoted their Chinese second rate products and now I read that? Yea they said we were undercutting the market. Yea Mya Great work. Wait until I show pick of some of these great hookahs you produce after they have water sit in them a couple days.


 I personally love my QT. but I will be honest we are always changing the adapters and hoses because they just don`t hold up. I urge everyone to buy American or Egyptian hookahs if you can afford them.


 Looks like Myas quality has gone down right with their business ethics.

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Agreed. iHave a mini-Mya iBought in MI for when iWent to IN for vacation. It looks like the same one iHad years ago, but yeah, its falling apart after only a few smoke sessions. iWas wondering if iFucked something up, guess not, lol. :D!
I agree

my god damn Diva broke 2 weeks after i purchased it and then the replacement broke the day after i got it!!!!!


Nice Information.Thanks.

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