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Hey, what's up? My name's Andreia. I'm 24 and I have been smoking hookahs on and off for a year. Never actually owned my own. Always bought the shisha and smoked with a friend who owned one. My boyfriend and I decided we wanted to get our own Hookah to enjoy when we want to. My favorite brands are Tangiers and Al Fakher. I currently own a Mya QT with a Grand hose & phunnel bowl (Mya with the upgrades!!). Hope to chat with some of you and share some reviews/experiences. Keep smoking!

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Welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy it here :)
Thanks :)

Ravek said:
Welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy it here :)
welcome :D
i think you should get a Habibi hookah
Haha, I recently got one of Sahara Smokes Bubble hookahs. 2 hose stem. I prefer the Mya so far though.
This is the #1 Us based site for hookah ranked by Alexa.com so we are for sure the place to be. Not to mention we have the lowest drama ratio of probably any hookah forum out there.

Look around the forum, chat, video chat etc... You will likely find this is the place to be.

Oh and welcome to HD.

Thanks, Neal

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