The guys at Mya Jumped up and down, bitched and complained I was discounting their products. They even went as far as to steal a web site from me. No I am not joking while I was moving they cried to Internic and got a web site I paid for taken from me. Anyways their entire issue was I was discounting Mya hookahs. Here is what is funny. Now they let a well known dealer sell Mya Qt`s for $40.00 when I was $45.00 they screamed like the little Bitches they are.

How do we call this fair play? I guess it is fair play like when I post pictures showing you guys how bad their product has gotten. Yea I have hookahs here I can`t sell even used because they were so poorly made and I would feel bad selling them to anyone.

As you can guess the deal with Chris is not going through and now I am going to be back and acting a dam fool again.

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