I have been fortunate in being chosen to recieve a FREE SAMPLE of this coal from ShishaBuzz.com here in UK and I must say I can't recomend it highly enough!  As the name sugests it's a Coconut Coal, aprox 1.25 inch cubes and comes in boxes of 96 cubes (weighing 1Kg +) costing just £6.99 (or about $10.50 US) + shipping.  This coal lights quite quickly taking only 6 or 7 mins & I'm finding that 2 coals with wind cover produces the PERFECT heat while smoking Starbuzz Pirates Cave in my Vortex Bowl, giving HUGE clouds and Absolutly NO COAL TINGE TO THE FLAVOUR!!  These coals also ash real nice, not dropping ash on the Bowl and have so far lasted about 75mins & are still producing enough heat to give good smoke.

Overall Rating: 10/10....The product is TOP CLASS...ALONG WITH THE PRICE!

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Welcome back sir We need to talk I have the molds made and OMG the bowls rock sir.
Hey Neal....great to hear from you!  I'm back on again, just had a bit of a crazy time recently with other shit in life....but I guess that's how it goes at times hey!?  Glad to hear the Bowls are working out!!

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