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2 things come to mind right now. #1 high blood pressure #2 windows 7.

OK the easy 1. If you have windows 7 trial and its crashing because you did not update it/ pay for a real copy the short answer is back date your computer Jan1 2010. Make sure this back dating will not effect other programs. From there you can surf away with our crashes every 1.5 hours.

Now the second topic:

High Blood pressure. Sadly a couple weeks I found out I have extreme high blood pressure.

I will start a high blood pressure group soon. I have been reading up on thew condition and its scary as Hell.

This reminds me I need to go and remove dead groups next if I can.

I am here and back to stay.

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i have really high bp to dude junk sux for real
I find Windows 7 a total ass-pain anyway!!  The Blood Preasure thing aint good....I had Blood Clotts in my lungs just before xmas 2010 and believe me....THAT IS FECKIN SCARY.....wired up to all sorts of machines that pump stuff into you for 48Hrs allong with loads of pills & injections....NOT FUN!!!!
Hey this post is a year old, Hopefully by now you've made some headway with the blood pressure. Did the Docs get it under control with medication?  My blood pressure went dangerously high once as a reaction to a pharmacy error when they gave me a medication at 3x the dose. I seriously thought I was going to die and I almost did. I couldn't imagine having my blood pressure being like that all the time. Scary stuff.

i guess you could say they got it under control got me on a lot of meds for it and if i miss a dose it goes through the roof also had to quit smoking hookah as much because it as raising my bp to :(


That totally sucks. I guess it's better to be well than to have your narghile. What about the herbals? I've never gotten into herbal shishas but maybe it would not raise your blood pressure like tobacco?
I am sure it is still high. the good news is I am not trying to pass out walking anymore. I said screw the doctors. lol Not my brightest move but its cheaper. I just kind of watch how I feel from day to day. I started riding mt track bike conversion and its been helping a bit also.
Not a good idea to ignore high blood pressure, dude.  My aunt learned that the hard way just a few weeks away when she had two strokes caused by high blood pressure that she didn't think was bad enough to take the medication that her doctor prescribed for her. . .I'd take it more seriously before it has a chance to bit you in the arse.

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